How to get to Err

By taxi or Boat taxi that way you don’t have to worry about paying any cops off for drink driving after you’ve enjoyed our cocktails. 


By Car (if you really must!)

From Wat Po, Drive down Thanon Maharaj Rd. turn into soi Pansuk on your right and follow that all the way around until you reach our front door. Do note however that we have No parking or Valet so you’ve got to fend for yourself! Also worth noting the Boy’s in Brown love the old tire clamps if you park where you shouldn’t as it’s a nifty little pocket filler when you pay to get them removed.  


By Boat  

The closest Pier is Ta Tien Pier.  From the Pier, walk down until you hit the Maharaj Road. Then turn right walking toward Wat Po (Wat Chetuphon). Pass Wat Po on your left and keep walking down, turn right into Soi maharaj road (it’s the one before Soin Pansuk), Then walk down toward the river. Err will be on your left.